How to manage the company's time and finances more efficiently? Automate invoicing!

Easy-to-implement software robots for digital process automation

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Business Process Benefits

Finance & Accounting
Customer service
Sales processes
Sales & Marketing
HR & Employee management

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Lengthy and proven track record working with leading Baltic and European companies

Customer-focused with clients’ best interests in mind and a scrupulous approach

Extensive business efficiency and growth background, combined with deep knowledge of leading RPA technology providers

Success cases

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Any questions for our specialists? We'll be glad to help you

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Enablement workshop

  • ½ day RPA Training & Discussion – How RPA technologies work and generate results
  • Discussing your process automation and data management needs
  • Advice for the processes which are most suited for automation
  • Identifying a process for a PoC project and developing a simple value hypothesis
  • Define a high level brief for RPA implementation on a wider scale

Proof of Concept + RPA Strategy & Roadmap

  • RPA – How it works and is configured in your specific environment
  • PoC data analysis and value hypothesis validation
  • RPA Strategy and Implementation Roadmap

RPA implementation journey

  • Continuous process automation according to a previously developed RPA Implementation strategy
  • Established in-house RPA competence
  • Reduced process costs, data management complexity and increased productivity
  • Process designing, process automation and deployment, documentation

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    Who are we?

    A fast-growing team consisting of digitalisation experts and efficiency evangelists that have served the leading Baltic companies for over a decade. We now utilise our wide range of experience to bring forth the wave of automation and free humans of tedious work. In 2020, we successfully developed plentiful PoCs, turned non-believers to believers and now are looking to rapidly grow our team and conquer further borders!

    Māris Miezītis

    Partner and Intelligent Process & RPA Team lead

    Long-time Digital Mind member with 16 years of experience creating a wide range of digital business solutions that enable our clients to work more productively and smarter.
    Extensive experience in implementing field-specific solutions with a special emphasis on the banking and finance sector.

    Artis Ikaunieks

    Intelligent process & RPA builder

    Highly proficient with leading automation tools as well as years of experience automating a wide spectrum of target systems in various flexible combinations and exceptional confidence and focus on technical robustness and future proof solutions.

    Elmārs Timoškāns

    Intelligent automation and RPA developer

    A pro-active IT specialist with over 5 years of experience automating business processes using RPA and intelligent automation tools. Striving for endless improvement and always looking for ways to accomplish things more efficiently.